A friend recommended Hypnotherapy but to be honest I had doubts about the whole thing! I didn’t think it would work on me! I’m a born worrier and nothing I’d tried over the years had ever helped my stress levels or poor sleep. I was run down, stressed, and unable to switch off so I asked Theresa for help and I’m so glad that I did! I’m a very private person and I was nervous about sharing my feelings, but with Theresa I just felt I could be open and honest - her warmth, genuine interest and empathy made her so easy to talk to. Theresa has helped me deal with years of built-up stress and has got me through the added challenge of COVID lockdown. I’ve been given tools I can use when I feel stressed - which actually work! And as a result I sleep better and feel more confident dealing with any situation that comes along. The techniques Theresa has helped me apply have made a huge difference and I really feel that I can control my stress levels much better. Theresa has been so supportive, given such amazing guidance and really understood what I needed. I’m going to miss our sessions, but feel I can manage on my own now. I thoroughly recommend Theresa for whatever help you need - she’s great!


Worcester, Mar 2021

It was not easy for me to relax, too much effort and anxiety. But I love being taken care of. Theresa’s expert and professional care made it possible for me to relax and with it (through her beautiful visualisations) the magic worked. I changed. I earned control over my automatic unsettling reactions and can now gauge life situations from a calmer and more creative, resourceful approach. Theresa made the process fun, easy, clear, firm and profound. I am surprised, happy and very grateful to her. And now, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I count down with Theresa’s soothing voice: 10, 9, 8, 7, zzzzz... I am truly grateful and honoured to have had this opportunity and your company. See you soon



Theresa has really helped me to manage my underlying anxiety and nervous tremor. Her understanding and empathy along with her recording of calming music and gentle voice have reduced my anxiety and increased my confidence. I have been delighted with the results, and can feel the changes in just 4 sessions.

Chris M

Love our sessions – so professional and encouraging. You have helped me and my husband so much with our stressful life of fostering. We even laugh together when we tell you stories of shoes being superglued to shelves Thank you so much for all you have done for us – you are amazing and such a positive person. Thank you again

Jenny H